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A series of portraits accompanied by testimonies where Venezuelan migrants and asylum seekers talk about items, dreams, skills, and memories they carry with them as they navigate their migration process.

©Médecins Sans Frontières/MSF

Read their testimonies in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Media coverage:

O Globo – Boné, máquina de costura ou apenas a roupa do corpo: venezuelanos contam o que trouxeram antes de migrar para o Brasil

An Advocate’s Guide to Transforming Special Education | Innovate Public Schools

Graphic Design | At Innovate Public Schools, I fully designed (infographics and all design elements and layout) the publication “An Advocate’s Guide to Transforming Special Education – Creating Schools Where All Students Can Thrive.” Both Adobe InDesign and Illustrator were used.

The publication’s design is innovative for the organization and showcases a new visual style guide and identity led by me. The “Advocate’s Guide” is also the result of a long effort to create a product with a good mix of (text heavy) research,  data visualization, and design elements that enable the best user experience and comprehension.

The goal of the guide is to help parents and advocates understand what educational opportunity truly look like for students with disabilities. It highlights what research and the highest-performing schools have found are the best practices to help students with disabilities achieve at high levels. Concrete examples, interviews, and school profiles show what this looks like in action.