Visual Language Lab @UNC-Chapel Hill

Researcher, creative associate, videographer and video and audio editor for the Visual Language Lab @ UNC-Chapel Hill, an interdisciplinary social innovation lab addressing societal issues.


[ Video promo I led: one of the many creative products of the lab]


The Visual Language Lab explores the growing influence of design as a thinking process for human-centered activity, innovation and management. In this course students investigate how design is becoming integrated into all disciplines. Collaborating with researchers, data analysts, reporters, marketing content strategists, social media specialists, computer scientists, business operations analysts and others to share interdisciplinary knowledge, students design and develop strategic communication plans, research reports, projects or products addressing societal issues and challenges.


Focus of the VLab includes:

• Immersive learning

• Design research

• Strategic communications using visual, verbal and written language

• Holistic problem-solving

• Programmatic design thinking for change

• Experimentation with cross-platform, multichannel communication

• Exploring possibilities of media culture, innovation and technology