Photos | We Had Bodies

With Amanda Machado || 

“Whatever is going on with the relationship of our bodies and food is either indicative – or the cause of – external things. In January 2018, we hosted a dinner with women in our kitchen to share those stories. We cooked our favorite dishes naked, we ate naked, and chatted naked about the intricate relationship between women, body (image) and food.

Throughout the evening, we took photos that presented a radical idea: the natural female body – in and of itself – is worthy of the human right of health and pleasure. That night, we were not there to appraise bodies, we just had bodies.”

Naked Women Feast is an independent storytelling project that creates safe and radically vulnerable spaces to share and document women’s (and all those who currently or have in the past identify as such) stories about their body. Through nude in-person events, a podcast, and occasionally other multimedia content, the project aims to transform the way we define and relate to the female body.


Our feast and the “We had Bodies” photo series got published at the Let Them Eat Cake zine!