A Master’s academic and professional thesis project, “What’s Your Story” or “First person narratives for nonprofit public relations: Empathy, engagement, empowerment, and change,” focuses on the prospect of narrative, non-fiction, first-person short videos for nonprofit organizations as an effective means to bring about empathy and behavioral change through digital social sharing – How can the use of such narratives be a valuable strategy to transform how we perceive, connect, and, ultimately, help others?

The thesis project draws upon public relations and transportation theory to address the current communication activities and challenges of Women AdvaNCe: a nonpartisan organization committed to delivering thoughtful knowledge, advocacy content and building a network and community for women leaders and leaders-to-be in North Carolina.

In addition, during the spring of 2017,  two short documentary-style films were produced to assist WomenAdvaNCe in their communication and relationship-building efforts.

I completed my Master’s degree in strategic and visual communications at the School of Media and Journalism at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, which I attended as a Rotary Peace Fellow.

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